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Teen Resources

Volunteering Opportunities

High school students older than 14 years can volunteer for Bright Futures hours at East Lake Community Library. Please click HERE for more information on the volunteering opportunities the library offers.

Homework Help Resources

Homework can be a drag sometimes, especially if it's super hard. Lucky for you, we have scoured the internet for some of the most helpful sites. Don't let your homework get the best of you!




Grammar and Writing



  • The Presidents - Find detailed information on the U.S. Presidents!

  • Biographies - Focuses on American history biographies.

  • American Memory - Library of Congress site for learning about American History.

Reviews & Recommendations

Finding books to read and movies to watch can be overwhelming sometimes. There are just so many choices! No fear! We have put together some links, sites, and reviews that will help you find your next read or movie. Check them out:


College Tools

Whether you're searching for right college fit or have already been accepted to your dream school, the following links and pages will help you prepare you for the big step ahead!


Preparing and Researching Colleges


Internships/Summer Jobs

  • Internships - Student focused internship search.

  • Idealist - Focuses on non-profit internships and opportunities.

  • CoolWorks - For seasonal and temporary jobs.



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