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No Overdue Fines at PPLC Member Libraries Effective October 1, 2021

1. What happens if my items are overdue?
• You will not be charged overdue fines, but your account will be blocked when items are 10 days overdue
• Accounts will be unblocked when items are returned in good condition

2. What happens when my account is blocked?
• You will not be able to borrow library items, or access Overdrive/Libby
• Your account will be billed for the cost of the outstanding items plus processing fees

3. How do I unblock my account?
• Visit your local library to return or pay for lost/damaged items

4. What happens to the fines currently on my account?
• All overdue fines will be eliminated on October 1, 2021
• Fines for lost/damaged items will remain on your account

5. How can I tell if my account is blocked?
• A notice will be sent to you based on your account preferences (email, text, or phone)
• You may also log in into your account HERE

6. What else do I need to know?
• Items will automatically be renewed twice, unless they are on hold for another borrower
• The East Lake and Palm Harbor Libraries will continue to charge overdue fines for special collections*

• *Because of the limited number of items in certain special collections as well as their cost and popularity, there will still be an overdue fine assessed to these unique materials  – Gizmos and Gadgets; Ready, Set, Read Kits; Tools for School; Launchpads; and Mobile HotSpots. 


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