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4125 East Lake Road, Palm Harbor FL 34685

727-773-2665 (BOOK)

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Library Director

Lois Eannel

Assistant Director/Passport Manager

Susan Schuler

Circulation Supervisor/Homebound Services

Heather Brown

Head of Youth Services

Children's Librarian

Nicole Farrell

Youth Services Outreach Coordinator

Colleen Fontana

Collection Development Librarian

Denise Myerscough

Adult Programs Assistant/Community Outreach

Brenda DeSousa

Systems Technician

Matt Fields


Karen Fulton

Marketing Coordinator

Shawn Bissessar

Library Assistant II - Circulation

Bob Harmonay

Library Assistant II - Children's

Kaley Boyd

Teen Librarian

Valerie Rosello

Library Assistant II - Technical Services

Kayla O'Neill

Library Assistant II - Circulation

Alyssa Parisi

Library Assistant II - Youth Services

Cassie Weech

Volunteer Coordinator

Mirant Vyas

Library Assistant II - Circulation

Kate Lindblom

Adult Programming/Art Showcase Liaison

Colleen Davis

Library Assistant II - Circulation

Sindhu Sivagnanam

Adult Services Librarian

Christina Butcher

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