Meeting Rooms

**As of June 1, 2020, the Community Room is closed until further notice. Thank you.**

To ensure a fair system, initial room reservations for outside groups are limited to one time per month.  Outside groups, non-profit & for-profit, will be able to submit applications three times a year for the subsequent four months as follows:

  • January - April Requests: East Lake Groups can apply beginning November 15th of the prior year

  • Groups from other areas of Pinellas County - begins December 15th

  • **May - August Requests: East Lake Groups can apply beginning March 15th

  • Groups from other areas of Pinellas County - begins April 15th

  • (**Due to summer programs and summer reading clubs, availability during the summer months is severely limited.)

  • September - December Requests: East Lake Groups can apply July 15th

  • Groups from other areas of Pinellas County - begins August 15th

Click HERE for more information and required forms for reserving meeting rooms.


  • Fax/Scan service is outgoing only. We are unable to receive documents due to limitations of our phone service. 

  • The fee for Faxing is $1.00 per page, excluding the cover page. Payment should be made at the time of the request. 

  • The fee for Scanning is $1.00 flat rate with a maximum of 20 pages per patron.

  • Patrons should allow at least 10 minutes for the transmission to be completed.

  • Please see the Reference Desk for assistance.


  • East Lake Community Library is glad to offer notary services for professionally composed legal documents from Monday through Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm. We have one notary on staff for your convenience. We can certify a copy, affirm an oath and/or verify a signature.

  • The notary services cost $5.00 per document or "stamp."

  • We ask that you call ahead to make sure a staff notary is available to serve your needs.

  • Note: if you need a signature verified, please do not sign your document until you are in the presence of the notary.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a resource-sharing service that allows you to request books that are neither owned by the East Lake Community Library, nor available within the Pinellas Public Library System.

  • We do not provide ILL services for DVDs, Blu-Rays, Music CDs, Reference Books, or Genealogy Materials.

  • Turnaround time for loan requests is typically 3 weeks. Some items are more readily available than others, so, by necessity, we can't guarantee the receipt or delivery time of any requested book.

  • Forms are available at the Reference Desk or you can submit your request online by clicking HERE.



**As of June 1, 2020, Proctoring is unavailable until further notice. Thank you.**

  • The Reference Librarian will attempt to meet the needs of patrons who require test proctoring as long as the normal functions of the Library are not compromised.

  • The Reference Librarian provides proctoring service at a cost of $10 per exam. In addition, any costs incurred for receiving or returning tests (e.g., printing, postage, or faxing) will be paid by the student or the educational institution. The Library will not be responsible for any of these costs.

  • Students must make an appointment with the Reference Librarian during regular business hours. No “drop-in” test proctoring is provided. 

  • The Reference Librarian cannot provide direct in-room supervision of the student during the test but a of the study room can be reserved to ensure a more quiet environment in which to concentrate.

  • The Reference Librarian will conform to the testing institution's conditions for proctoring to the extent possible under normal staffing schedules.

  • A written request and instructions should be received by the Reference Librarian from the issuing educational institution or testing agency before any exams are taken.

  • It is the student's responsibility to follow up with the institution to ascertain that the test was received. The Reference Librarian will not keep copies of test materials unless it is specifically requested by the institution.


If you would like to set up proctor service, please click HERE to contact the proctor.



The Library premises are available for the use of members of the public to meet their needs in accessing information and for quiet enjoyment of library materials and equipment. The Library premises are also available as an educational support center. As part of its educational mission, the Library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy.

Tutors working with local students will be permitted in the East Room (north end of the divided Community Room) when the room is available. The East Room is not reserved exclusively for tutors during this time, but may be used by individuals or groups looking for an area for homework or study.

Due to a severe lack of space in our library, study rooms and other public areas cannot be used for tutoring so that we can have adequate seating for our other patrons.

** Effective Date: 1/2/2019

In line with the new Meeting Room policies and procedures:
1. Setup and takedown of all tables & chairs must be done by the individuals using the room; if tables are already set up, we ask that you return them to the perimeter of the room when you leave.
2. Any damage to carpeting, etc. will be the responsibility of the tutor and may result in an assessment and/or loss of use of the Community Room for tutoring purposes.
3. Library staff cannot be asked to take messages, call parents of students, provide supplies, or reserve tables. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
4. Please check the library’s online calendar to determine if and when the East Room is available.
5. The Library reserves the right to limit tutoring activities if space resources are monopolized or activities interfere with Library operations.

Study Rooms

**As of June 1, 2020, the Study Rooms are closed until further notice. Thank you.**

  • Patrons who wish to use a study room must sign in at the Reference Desk. A valid library card is not necessary to use a study room.

  • Study rooms may be used for a maximum of two hours per day; additional time due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. online exam, etc.) may be granted at the discretion of the Reference Librarian.

  • Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Users of the study rooms must follow the library’s Code of Conduct and are responsible for any damage in the room.

  • These rooms are not “sound proof”; conduct and noise are expected to be kept at a level conducive for study by patrons in the adjacent areas.

  • The library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss or damage to the private property of the individuals using the room.

  • WiFi and electrical outlets are available in each study room.

  • Study rooms may NOT be reserved except by library staff/volunteers using a room for proctored exams or library-sponsored programs or services (e.g. SHINE).

  • Projects that involve materials including, but not limited to, glitter, paint, glue and other craft materials are not deemed appropriate for use in Library study rooms.

  • There shall be no food in the study rooms. Covered beverages are allowed.

  • If both study rooms are occupied, a patron may sign up at the Reference Desk for the next available room.



Connect to the Internet for free at the library!


For Windows:

  1. Click on wireless icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen (picture is a single computer with motion marks).

  2. From the menu that says “Choose a Wireless Network,” choose "EL Hotspot."

  3. Not seeing EL Hotspot?  Move toward the center of the library and click “Refresh Network List” in the upper left corner of the Wireless Network Connection box.

  4. EL Hotspot is an unencrypted network, so you will be asked if you want to connect anyway.


For Mac:

  1. Make sure your Airport is turned on.

  2. Choose EL Hotspot from available wireless networks list.



**As of June 1, 2020, we will not be accepting volunteers until further notice. Thank you.**

Download and print our Volunteer application HERE and return it to us at the East Lake Community Library. We will try to match your availability to our scheduling needs and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note: All regular volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Thank you for your interest.


Internet Usage Agreement


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