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Midi controller

Warning: Steep learning curve here! The Akai MPK Mini (mark III) is a MIDI controller or "beat maker" with 8 programmable drum pads, 8 programmable knobs, and a 25 key keyboard. A MIDI controller is used to make music with a computer, everything from hip hop beats, 80's synth, classical piano, to even to chopping up disco samples into French house music. The device connects to PCs via USB. Patrons must provide their own music production software or digital audio workspace (aka "DAW"). This page has links to free DAWs as well as free trials for professional quality DAWs, such as FL Studio. The Akai MPK mini is considered the one of the best budget-friendly entry-level MIDI controllers on the market, perfect for someone just dipping their toes into music production or an enthusiast who knows what they're doing. Pads and keys are pressure sensitive and we recommend patrons leave the "Full Level" button on to cancel out pressure sensitivity.

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User Manuals
Notes from Library IT Staff
  • Wash your hands before using and don't eat food while using.
  • Do not let children play with this device.
  • For most users, you'll want to leave the "Full Level" button on at all times. This cancels out pressure sensitivity and will make every button/key press produce a full sound.
  • You will need to dedicate a couple hours to watching youtube tutorials of your DAW of choice before you really start. This page has links to some, but we recommend going to youtube and searching "akai mpk mini tutorial" or "akai mpk mini [insert DAW of choice here] tutorial]" or "akai mpk mini start to finish" or "akai mpk mini example".
  • Akai provides a 100% free DAW called MPC beats. You may need to provide them an email to receive an email link to the software.
  • This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It's plug and play, there are no drivers to download.
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