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Patron Use of Public Areas

Photographing and Videotaping in the Library

Photography or videography is generally permitted if it is for general library promotion by the media, student projects, and/or strictly for personal use.

In order to protect the rights of individual library patrons and to reduce distractions, photographing and videotaping on library property are restricted as follows:

•    Under no circumstances may the public, members of the media, or library staff take photographs or videotape without the express permission of any library patrons, staff, or volunteers who would be prominently included within the composition
•    A photo release form must be completed if individuals’ faces are visible in the photos or video. Parents must complete the form for children under the age of 18.

Requests to photograph or videotape for commercial purposes are not permitted without approval by the Library Director. Requests for permission to photograph or videotape for commercial purposes must be submitted in writing for review by the Library Director.


Posting and/or Distribution of Information

The East Lake Community Library maintains a designated bulletin board for posting and distribution of informational literature. Display and distribution is reserved for library programs and services, non-profit agencies and local community organizations. If space permits, event flyers for other PPLC Libraries or governmental agencies are also permitted. No personal flyers, for-profit services or businesses, or services unrelated to the aforementioned agencies or organizations are permitted. On occasion, a local situation may warrant permission by the library director to permit a posting (e.g. lost dog). However, all postings will have the library director’s initials in the lower right corner or may be removed by library staff. Due to the lack of space, 8.5x11 inches is the preferred size. The library will not be responsible for returning any materials. Unapproved brochures, business cards, etc. left in public areas will be discarded.


Tutoring Policy

The library premises are available for the use of members of the public to meet their needs in accessing information and for quiet enjoyment of library materials and equipment. The library premises are also available as an educational support center. As part of its educational mission, the library permits some tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy.

  • The library offers its space to those tutors who are authorized by the local Boards of Education to provide Homebound Instruction.  The library also provides space to tutors who are volunteering their time via ESL or Literacy Volunteers.

  • Tutors who are being paid via private enterprise, that is, privately from a parent caregiver or private company, cannot use the public spaces of the library to run their business; this includes but is not limited to the main floor, Children’s Room, and Teen Room. Furthermore, paid tutors shall NOT advertise or advocate the library as their place of business.  

  • The exception to this is the Community Room, which is open to ANYONE for tutoring, homework help, etc. free of charge when it is available. Please be reminded that library programs, meetings, etc. take precedence since this is the only general- purpose room. There is also outdoor seating and tables around the outer perimeter of the building.

  • Library staff cannot be asked to take messages, call parents of students, provide supplies, or reserve tables. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis when the Community Room is available.

  • The library reserves the right to limit tutoring activities if space resources are monopolized or activities interfere with library operations.

In all cases, tutors should come prepared to assist the student in his or her educational goal.  The library cannot provide resources such as calculators, graphing paper, flash drives, markers, etc.

ALL tutoring shall end 30 minutes before the library closes, so that staff may begin closing procedures.

Revised 12/2021


Food and Allergies

The library recognizes that reactions of individuals to food allergies may result in serious medical conditions. The library also acknowledges that individuals have dietary restrictions due to cultural, religious and/or medical reasons. In the course of offering programs and services at the library, food may be served or used as part of a craft or art activity. Patrons who have restricted diets and allergies are responsible for monitoring their own dietary needs. Parents, guardians, and/or custodial caregivers of minors attending library functions are responsible for their children’s dietary needs. The library will endeavor to provide a proposed menu for patrons if so requested. The library does not monitor food brought in by outside groups utilizing our facility. 



Public Speech and Petitioners

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows certain types of speech on public sidewalks. The East Lake Community Library supports this right and makes efforts to allow and encourage free speech while maintaining a safe and enjoyable library experience for patrons.

The library allows petitioners near the driveway and parking area, but not in the entryway or under the arcade overhang. The library does not permit use of landscaped areas on library property, except for certain library-sanctioned events.


Library staff may request identifying information from those using library sidewalks and/or grounds.

Persons using the library sidewalks may not block walking paths, stand in the way of people approaching the building, or harass library patrons. Persons using the sidewalks and/or grounds may not call out to patrons or passersby and may not create any kind of disturbance in front of t