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GoPro Hero 7 with mounts and accessories

Capture the action with the GoPro Hero 7! Memory card, extra batteries, waterproof case, and all the popular mounts such as head strap and chest strap are included! GoPro's official free app "Quik" must be downloaded for proper use.

gopro accessories.jpg

CLICK HERE to check availability

Notes from Library IT Staff
  • You control the GoPro using the app "Quik". It works on android and iphones and is free.
  • Adhesives strips are not included. Only the helmet extension uses adhesive strips, but you can just use the head strap instead.
  • Only remove the GoPro from the waterproof case when charging it or connecting it to a computer to download the videos. You don't need to remove the memory card, just plug it in via USB and drag and drop the files.
  • Be sure to remove all your videos from the memory card before returning the GoPro.
  • Use the yellow water float whenever filming on, in, or near water. 
  • Don't take the GoPro more than 30 feet underwater or it will be damaged.
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