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The East Lake Community Library Volunteer Program is designed to expand and enhance public service to the community. ELCL encourages a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and volunteers in order to fulfill our mission. Volunteers contribute many special skills, talents and abilities that allow staff to concentrate on their area of expertise, provide patrons of the library with exceptional customer service; and, through community engagement perpetuate the library’s mission.

The achievement of the goals of the library are best served by the active participation of staff and volunteers. To this end, ELCL accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels of the agency and within all appropriate programs and activities.  All ELCL staff members are encouraged to help create meaningful and productive roles in which volunteers might serve. ELCL volunteers have a wide range of roles including, but not limited to, program support, short term projects, community enrichment, and day-to-day operations.

The volunteer policies have been established with the objective that all volunteers have a positive and productive work climate and a complete understanding of specific working procedures. They are not to be construed as creating any contractual rights.  The term “volunteer” throughout this document shall include anyone who donates their time for the purpose of fulfilling the ELCL mission.

In order for a safe, effective volunteer recruitment and retention plan to work guidelines must be established. The following plan outlines the guidelines for recruiting, training, and retaining ELCL volunteers.

All volunteers must be willing to:

  1. Submit to additional screening, e.g. background checks, references, interview.

  2. Provide written consent from legal guardian if under the age of 18.

  3. Complete orientation, training, and a probationary period of 3 months. Every volunteer will be given an identification badge and asked to sign a volunteer commitment upon completion of orientation. 

  4. Complete work safely in a non-hazardous work environment. Volunteers are covered under the ELCL’s worker’s compensation policy. If an injury occurs, it should be handled as outlined in those policies.

  5. Receive specific training based on the assigned service guidelines in order to provide the information and skills necessary to perform the assignment accurately. Work within the scope of duty as outlined in his/her service guideline.

  6. Commit to scheduled volunteer time, arrive on time, and record hours served. The volunteer must also be willing to be supervised by a staff member and open to correction if needed.

  7. Adhere to the ELCL code of conduct, which refers to dress code, smoking policy, controversial topics, controlled substances, gratuities, and sexual harassment.

  8. Maintain confidentiality.

  9. Attend volunteer meetings.

  10. Adhere to the ELCL policies and procedures.

Download and print our Volunteer Application:

Microsoft Word version or PDF version

and return it to us at the East Lake Community Library.


We will try to match your availability to our scheduling needs and get back to you as soon as possible.

All regular volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Thank you for your interest.

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