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vhs to digital converter

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0

Sony SLV-D360P VHS & DVD Player


The ClearClick converter plugs into the VHS player and records the content to an included USB drive, allowing users to digitize their VHS content.

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Notes from Library IT Staff
  • You can record the video to the included 64 GB USB drive or use your own USB drive or SD card. Be sure to delete your data off the USB drive before you return the item!
  • The menu settings default to AV cables (yellow/red/white) and USB storage. If you use S-Video cables instead of AV cables, or if you use an SD card instead of a USB drive, you have to press Menu and change the settings accordingly.
  • VHS is old-school standard definition, not HD. The video quality this converter produces is as high quality as you can expect from VHS videos.
  • The VHS player is just for inserting the video and pressing play, the converter does the rest. You probably don't need to use the player's remote.
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