Reading With A Princess

August Princess

Meet Belle August 17th!

Make your child's dream come true! Come to the East Lake library every third Friday for a reading with a princess sponsored by West Pasco Business Association's #TeamPrincess.


Highlighting the work of local charities near you. 

Suncoast Primate Sanctuary

A haven for primates to live out their lives with dignity.


Palm Harbor Historical Society

Protects and preserves the history of Palm Harbor.


West Pasco Business Association

Pasco Businesses working together to help families in need



A list of websites for the struggling college student.


Too excited about the cat videos on Facebook to finish your paper on dogs? Check out KeepMeOut and block those pesky social media notifications so your work is barking perfect.


Over 4,000 quick and easy student friendly recipes. At least one is bound to work in the microwave.


Only have a can of peas and some ramen left for this week? Just type in what you have on hand and this puppy will give you recipes using those items!


Need to wake up at a certain hour for class? This site will tell you when it's bed time, just like a nagging mother.


Have a lot of donations to give to GoodWill, but don't want to make the trip? Take a quick snap of the items and put them up on this site for give away. Now all you have to do is walk to a neighbor's house!


In debt? Of course you are! Get advice about managing those debts, and maybe a bit of fruit tree advice from this site where it covers a broad array of topics to help with your ever struggling needs.


Classic literature, poetry, non-fiction, text references. Basically a site hosting all your sources for your next paper. And you won't need WiseBread to manage these debts. It's free!


No copyright infringements here! Get free access to texts with expired copyrights. Over 56,000 texts available, but none by Disney, so don't count on the mouse!

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