Meet Susan

Children's Librarian

Susan Schuler has been a children’s librarian for 17 years, mostly in suburban NY and now here in FL.  In 2005, she was named a New York Times Librarian of the Year. She loves reading, traveling, genealogy, Pinterest, and trying to be crafty. She loves too many books to name a favorite. Her specialty is early literacy programming for babies and toddlers. The very best part of her job is clapping, playing, and dancing with all of the babies and toddlers at Lapsit & Linger and Tiny Tots every week; she is not a professional singer, but you probably already knew that. You can contact her at


Meet Colleen

Colleen Fontana is a wife, a homeschooling mom to three girls, and an assistant to the children's librarian (those last two jobs were preceded by a career as an elementary school teacher in Pinellas County).  She is a true Florida native and enjoys everything this state has to offer - professional athletic championships, great college football, the oldest city in the United States, and the best place ever to watch sunsets! When she's not working indoors, Colleen enjoys spending time with her family traveling, biking, walking, canoeing, and camping as long as it's not too hot or too buggy! She enjoys reading, listening to music, baking (which leads to eating!) and planning (school planning, party planning, menu planning, holiday planning, etc.).  Contact her at