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Connect with free wireless internet access at the East Lake Community Library!

In a Windows environment:

1.) Click on wireless icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen (picture is a single computer with motion marks)
2.) From the menu that says “Choose a Wireless Network,” choose "EL Hotspot".
3.) Not seeing EL Hotspot? Move toward the center of the library and click “Refresh Network List” in the upper left corner of the Wireless Network Connection box.
4.) EL Hotspot is an unencrypted network, so you will be asked if you want to connect anyway.

In a Macintosh environment:

1.) Make sure your Airport is turned on.
2.) Choose EL Hotspot from available wireless networks list.

Internet Usage Agreement:

Library computers are provided to customers for the purpose of accessing information and reference resources. In order to make these resources available to as many customers as possible and to make sure that the equipment is used in a manner consistent with the Library Code of Conduct, the following rules apply:

- In order to allow all customers an opportunity to use the equipment, customers may be asked to comply with sign-in and time limitations.

- No food or drink at the public computers.

- Because computers are located in a public area, what you view is not private. Please be considerate of other library users and refrain from displaying materials that might reasonably be considered objectionable.

- In accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapters 847.011(1)a and 847.0133(1), displaying obscene materials to minors or printing such materials may be a violation of the law and could result in penalties up to and including imprisonment.

- Misuse of library computers will result in the loss of computer privileges, potential loss of library privileges and possible prosecution. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to: damaging or altering computer equipment or software; downloading or installing any program on the hard drive of any computer; sending, displaying or printing inappropriate material.

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