East Lake Community Library

Mission & Vision

East Lake Community Library is a public space created for the citizens of East Lake in which literary, current popular and traditional materials are kept for reading, reference, and lending. The East Lake Community Library provides a central location for idea exchange and discussion where all ideas are respected and welcome.

East Lake Community Library values the confidentiality and privacy of its patrons, makes every effort to provide up-to-date materials and resources for the enrichment of the community, and encourages and promotes continuing education and life-long learning.

East Lake Community Library advocates supporting families, to introducing children to a world of new ideas, offer access to new technology, provide resources to keep citizens informed and promote an educated electorate.


Executive Statement:

“Libraries fill a vital human need for community in association with ideas and with learning.” [1]   East Lake Community Library seeks to meet that human need and to become an even more central part of the growth and health of our community.

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