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Instructions for Downloading Overdrive eBooks to Nook

Required software and authorization

1. Before you can download library books to your Nook, you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on your computer.


Here are two ways to access this software:

a)     Go to www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ and follow the instructions.


b)    Go to http://www.eastlakelibrary.org. From the library’s website, there are a few ways to access the Overdrive page. The first way is to click on the "Overdrive" link on our homepage.  The second way is to move your mouse over "E-Library" at the top of the page and click on "eBooks".  Once on the page, scroll to the bottom left and look for “Adobe® Digital Editions”.  Click on the link and there you will see a link to download Adobe Digital Editions.


2. Open Adobe Digital Editions. You will be prompted to create an Adobe account and then to authorize your computer as one of your five devices. Note: You MUST create an account or you will not be able to transfer Overdrive eBooks from your computer to your Nook. You cannot download Overdrive eBooks directly to your Nook, but must transfer eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions.


3. With Adobe Digital Editions open, attach the Nook to your computer via the USB port. You will be prompted to authorize your Nook. Follow the click through path to authorize the device.


4. On a PC, the Nook will show up if Adobe Digital Editions is already open, and might not show up if you connect the Nook first. On a Mac, the Nook may not show up if Adobe Digital Editions is already open when the Nook is attached. Attach the Nook and then open ADE. Your PC may require you to restart.


Searching for and downloading eBook titles

1. Minimize ADE software and go to the Overdrive link on the library’s website http://www.eastlakelibrary.org.


2. Once in Overdrive, it will take you to a page that has "Pinellas Public Library Cooperative" on the top.  On the left-hand side, you will see a "Quick Search" where you can type in a title, author, keyword, etc.  There is also an option for an advanced search underneath. EBook titles will appear with format specific indicators (i.e. PDF or ePub).


3. When you have found a title you want, select “Add to Cart.” If the title is already checked out, you may request it by selecting “Add to Wish List.” To see how many copies the library owns and how many people have holds on it, look for “Available copies” and “Library copies”.


4. After you have added an available title to your cart, select “Proceed to Checkout.” Login by entering your library card number. You can manage the lending period using the drop-down menu. Select “Confirm check out.”


5. You may now download the title using the “Download” button under the item. When asked “Do you want to open or save this file, select “Open.” The title will automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions. If it doesn’t automatically open, locate the downloaded file, which ends in “.acsm”, double-click it and select Adobe Digital Editions to open it.


Transferring an eBook to your Nook

1. Click on the Library View (the icon of bookshelves upper left) within Adobe Digital Editions. Titles you have downloaded are listed on the right. If you have a lot of titles, you may click on “Borrowed.” Drag and drop the title you would like to transfer onto the Nook icon below the Bookshelves.


2. You will see the file copy to the Nook. The title is now transferred to the device. On a PC, click “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the lower right of your monitor. Then click the “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device” box. When you see “Safe to Remove Hardware”, you may detach the Nook from your computer. On a Mac, unmount/ eject the Nook using the Finder before unplugging. Detach the Nook from your computer.


3. Touch the menu icon at the bottom of your Nook for My Library. The book you just downloaded will appear under “My Documents.” Scroll down to the title. Touch “View item details and options.” Touch “Read” to begin reading your eBook.


Returning an eBook before the due date

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on the computer where you downloaded the eBook.


2. Click on the Library View. Titles you have downloaded appear on the right. Click on the small triangle in the upper left corner of the title. Select “Borrowed Item” on the list of options. A dialogue box will pop up. Click “Return Borrowed Item.” The eBook will disappear from your bookshelf in Adobe Digital Editions.


3. The next time you log into Overdrive, the eBook will be checked in, and your account will be updated. If you don’t return the book early, it will expire on its due date.



Deleting an expired eBook from Adobe Digital Editions

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on the computer where you downloaded the eBook.


2. Click on the Library View. Titles you have downloaded appear on the right. Click the small triangle in the upper left corner of the title. Select “Delete” on the list of options.


3. You cannot open the eBook after its due date. If it is available, you may download it from Overdrive again, after deleting the expired copy.


Deleting an eBook from your Nook

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions, and attach the Nook for a PC, or for a Mac, attach the Nook, then open Adobe Digital Editions.


2. Click on the Nook icon beneath the bookshelves. You will see a list of books that you have downloaded to your Nook.


3. Click the small triangle in the upper left corner of the title, then select “Delete Item” on the list of options. The eBook will be deleted from your Nook.


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